Days Gone: Update 1.41 mit Fehlerkorrekturen & neuer Herausforderung

by Ed Snow

Days Gone: Update 1.41 mit Fehlerkorrekturen & neuer Herausforderung

Sony Bend hat ein weiteres Update für „Days Gone“ bereitgestellt. Mit Update 1.41 werden einige Fehler behoben, die durch Version 1.40 ins Spiel gekommen sind. Darüber hinaus wird die 10. wöchentliche Herausforderung „Hog Wild“ freigeschaltet. In dieser geht es darum, mit dem Motorad möglichst schnell „Pioneer Cemetery“ zu erreichen. Driftet und nutzt Abkürzungen. Es ist alles erlaubt. Nachfolgend findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes.

Patch 1.41

Weekly DLC Challenges

  • “Reload” is the next free Horde DLC challenge! You have 3 minutes to take down 300 Freakers by utilizing your environment and a .50 BFG! (Unlocked on 8/23!)

    • The .50 BFG can penetrate through multiple Freakers! Shoot through the Horde and survey your surrounding for any nearby explosive objects

    • The sub-challenges all tie into different ways of killing the horde. If you want to get gold in all of them at once be sure to manage how many Swarmers you’re killing by any one method

  • “Hog Wild” is our final free bike DLC challenge! Reach Pioneer Cemetery as fast as you can while ensuring you don’t let go of the gas throttle. (Unlocks today!)

    • Drifting back and forth can slow you down if you need a break

    • Alternative paths offer opportunities for different sub-objectives

  • Challenge 11 – Will be unlocked on September 6th

  • Challenge 12 – Will be unlocked on September 13th

A reminder that all the challenges we release are planned to stay unlocked indefinitely.

Progression Blockers

  • The NPC should now help move the vehicle in “What Kept Me Going”

  • The rock item should appear in the player’s inventory in the mission “Not Gonna Kill Anyone” as intended

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing some players to be unable to select some items in the survival wheel

  • General stability optimization

  • The stealth kill prompt should remain on the screen as previously intended

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