Days Gone: Update 1.60 bringt Option zum zurücksetzen von Horden, Hinterhalt Camps, infizierten Gebieten, Bugfixes & mehr

by Ed Snow

Days Gone: Update 1.60 bringt Option zum zurücksetzen von Horden, Hinterhalt Camps, infizierten Gebieten, Bugfixes & mehr

Mit Update 1.60 erhält „Days Gone“ eine Option zum zurücksetzen von Horden, infizierten Gebieten und Hinterhalt Camps. Darüber hinaus werden weitere Fehlerkorrekturen vorgenommen und ein Death Stranding Bike hinzugefügt. Sony Bend hat außerdem einen High Contrast Modus hinzugefügt, um so die Sichtbarkeit des HUDs zu verbessern und eine neue lineare Option zum Zielen hinzugefügt, wodurch die Kamerabewegung besser folgt, wenn ihr Gegner anvisiert. Nachfolgend findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes.


Update 1.60 – Days Gone – Patch Notes – 7. November 2019

Reset Hordes, Ambush Camps, and Infestation Zones

The option to reset Hordes, Ambush Camps, and Infestation Zones is live!

  • Players can now fully reset all open world Hordes, Infestation Zones, and Ambush Camps

  • The jobs can be reset as many times as the player wants

There are a few conditions that need to be met for you to utilize this feature

  • Complete the story mission “For an Outlaw Biker”

  • Have any of the Storylines for “Horde Killer”, “Ambush Camp Killer”, and “Infestation Exterminator” at 100% complete

    • Players can only reset jobs if they have completed the appropriate Storyline at 100%

How to Reset your Hordes, Ambush Camps, and Infestation Zones

  • Ensure that you met all the conditions above

  • Load your saved game

  • Hit “Options”

  • Select “Reset Jobs”

  • Select the jobs you wish to reset!

    • Note that you can reset your jobs as many times as you would like

Death Stranding Bike Tanks and More!

To celebrate the launch of Death Stranding on Friday, we released exclusive bike decals in Days Gone! Take to the broken road and show off your excitement for Death Stranding today.

Please note that you can unlock the Death Stranding tanks in both New Game+ and when starting a New Game

  • Death Stranding Tank

  • Death Stranding: BB Tank

    • Both tanks can be acquired ONLY from the Diamond Lake Mechanic

  • Death Standing Decal

  • Death Standing: BB Decal

    • Decals can be acquired from any valid mechanic

  • Death Standing: BB Base

    • This frame paint can be applied on from any valid mechanic

Black Friday Changes

  • We increased the amount of Freaker ears it cost to repurchase weapons/ammo

  • Due to a scoring error that occurred, we have done a one-time reset ONLY for the “Black Friday” leaderboard. We don’t expect to reset these or any leaderboards in the future

    • This reset is planned to go live on 11/8/2019 @ 8:00am PT

A reminder that all the DLC challenges we released are planned to stay unlocked indefinitely.

General Fixes

  • General improvements to stability and optimization has been added

  • Various Crash Fixes

  • General audio adjustments

  • The ammo counter should now display as intended in certain challenges

  • The UI should remain shown(?) as intended during bike chases

  • Infestation nests should repopulate properly if the player is killed

  • The weapon stats at the merchant should show the correct stats for each weapon

  • In New Game+, the skill “Up The Ante” will now provide more ammo capacity for 6MM on the BND-150

  • The challenge “Reloaded” score has been adjusted

  • Certain trophy progress should transfer over correctly when starting New Game+

  • A specific character has finished their work at Cloverdale Research Facility and has made their way to Iron Mike’s

Known issues with Patch 1.6

  • For the mission „Nothing But Ease“, the helicopter lights are not showing properly

Accessibility Features


In our push for accessibility, we’ve added UI COLOR MODE to help visibility and contrast in certain HUD elements in Days Gone. When enabling HIGH CONTRAST, certain key HUD elements on screen will swap color palettes to become easier to see and more visible during the game.

New Linear Option for Aiming

Some of you have requested a linear input curve for Aiming, and we heard you. This will make camera movement more one-to-one with the Right Stick input, instead of using more of the input range for smaller aiming adjustments. You will find this setting in Options->Gameplay->Dead Zone Sensitivity->Linear.

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