R6S: Y3S4.2 Update wird heute für Testserver bereitgestellt; Infos zum Update

by Ed Snow

R6S: Y3S4.2 Update wird heute für Testserver bereitgestellt; Infos zum Update

Ubisoft wird heute das „Y3S4.2 Update für die Testserver bereitstellen. Vorab kommt es zu einer 30 minütigen Serverwartung. Diese beginnt circa um 19:30 Uhr. Neben einigen Fehlerkorrekturen nimmt Ubisoft einige Balancinganpassungen an den Operatoren CAVEIRA (Nerf für Luison) , CLASH (Buff für SPSMG9) und KAID (Buff für AUG A3) vor. Außerdem wird die MP5 abgeschwächt. Nachfolgend könnt ihr einen Blick auf die Patch Notes werfen.




CAVEIRA: Nerf to Caveira’s Luison.

Given her current win delta, we feel Cav is a little strong and want to make her less frustrating to play against. This change seeks to put more focus on emphasizing her role as a stealth and precision operative

  • Damage decreased to 65 (from 99).
  • Adjustments to damage dropoff to align with other pistols for consistency.
  • Reduced magazine size to 12 (from 15).
  • Increased recoil to make chaining shots at long-range more challenging.
  • Increased hipfire spread to reduce viability of spamming non-ADS shots.

CLASH: Buff to Clash’s secondary SPSMG9.

By changing her SPSMG9 into a pseudo-primary to give her a bit more efficiency and firepower, we want to improve her performance in situations where she lacks team support.

  • Upgrade to full-automatic fire mode from 2-round burst fire mode.
  • Updated recoil to align with other full-auto weapons.
  • Increase total ammunition at 161 (up from 121)
  • Increased damage to 33 (up from 30).

KAID: Buff to Kaid’s AUG A3

  • Increase AUG ADS speed by 33% to align with other SMGs.

MP5: Nerf to MP5

  • Decrease MP5 max damage to 27 (from 30).


  • Fixed – Ranked match summary displays the individual MMR earned from the match, and not the Player’s current total MMR.
  • Fixed – Players sometimes receive a [2-0x00009008] Game Full error in Casual matchmaking.
  • Fixed – Players can duplicate weapon skins between two weapons.



  • Fixed – One of Nomad’s VO lines does not play properly during airjab detonation.
  • Fixed – When Nomad deploys an airjab inside a smoke grenade, she can sometimes gain vision inside the smoke aoe.


  • Fixed – Some parts of Kaid’s uniform clips with the player’s camera when prone against a wall.


  • Fixed – Floating debris when destroying ceiling surfaces in 2F Bathroom of Fortress.
  • Fixed – Some walls do not respond properly to destruction after being hit in the same spot repeatedly.


  • Fixed – Voice chat audio continues to transmit even when alt-tabbed out of the client.
  • Fixed – Erroneous menu UI visual effects when using a controller.
  • Fixed – Menu UI tabs sometimes overlap when using two different inputs.
  • Fixed – In Pick and Ban, if player votes ‘No ban’ for the first ban, the ‘No ban’ option is automatically selected in the second ban-round.
  • Fixed – In Custom matches, the Operator art remains grayed out when ‘Change Operator’ button is pressed during 6th pick.
  • Fixed – In Custom matches, players cannot re-pick their previous Operator selection during 6th pick.
  • Fixed – In Custom matches, when the Attacker’s Unique Spawn option is set to off, the Attacker’s tactical map may have missing or displaced icons.
  • Fixed – In Custom matches, when a player leaves after spawn location vote, their vote count text remains.


  • Voice over and ambient sounds are too loud – We would appreciate any feedback you have on this!
  • Heavy rubberbanding causes players to be unable to pass or throw gadgets through some breached walls.
  • AI Terrorists are unable to detect players under some circumstances.
  • Death camera playback is at normal speed instead of slowed down when the player is killed.
  • Alibi’s Prisma appearance is low in quality.
  • Missing frames on crouch replays at the end of round replay and death camera replay.


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