Black Ops 4: Bugfixes, Verbesserungen & neue Playlists mit neuem Update; 2XP, 2X Merits & Black Ops Pass Free Weekend

by Ed Snow

Black Ops 4: Bugfixes, Verbesserungen & neue Playlists mit neuem Update; 2XP, 2X Merits & Black Ops Pass Free Weekend

Mit dem aktuellen Game-Settings-Update in „Call of Duty: Black Ops 4“ hat Treyarch einige Bugfixes und Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Dazu zählen unter anderem eine größere Startzone, kürzere Kollaps Intervalle und mehr in Bodenkrieg (Blackout). Auch eine neue Playlist wurde freigeschaltet. An diesem Wochenende dürft ihr euch außerdem auf 2XP im Multiplayer, 2X Mertis in Blackout und kostenlose Black Ops Maps freuen. Dieses beginnt am Freitag, den 21. Juni, um 19:00 Uhr und geht bis Montag, den 24. Juni, um 19:00 Uhr. Ebenfalls starten in der kommenden Woche die neuen Aufträge, welche neue Herausforderungen und Belohnungen versprechen Infos dazu sollen in Kürze enthüllt werden. Nachfolgend findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes des heutigen Game-Settings-Update.

Patch Notes – 18. Juni 2019

Ground War and Zombies Improvements

Today, we’ve made adjustments to Ground War in Blackout based on player feedback, including a wider starting zone, a shorter period of time before the first Collapse, more space between initial flight paths, and fixes for rare instances where players could fall through the ground at the start of a match.

In Zombies, we’ve also issued some additional stability improvements and a fix for a player-reported health regen bug on Round 21 in “Hellcatraz”. These changes should make for better pacing and a smoother experience for players in both modes – jump in and let us know what you think.

Alcatraz Returns on Xbox One and PC

Alcatraz is back in Blackout on Xbox One and PC with the new Submarine and Shipwreck destinations on opposite sides of the island, and structural updates to the main Cellhouse building that you’ll want to see for yourself. We’ve also added Alcatraz Duos to the Featured Playlists on PC, so everyone’s got a mode to drop into, no matter how you play.

On consoles, we’ve added two Mercenary playlists to the Featured Playlists in Multiplayer for our Core and Hardcore lone wolves out there, and Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit makes its return as well. We’re constantly updating our Featured Playlists based on popularity and back-end data, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new.


Twitch Prime June Loot Drop

The third Twitch Prime loot drop in Black Ops 4 is now live for Twitch Prime members on all platforms starting today! Log in to redeem your free Sour Cherry weapon camo, Firebreakin’ gesture, Target Locked sticker, 100 Nebulium Plasma, and 5 Reserve Cases: http://amzn.to/2F3lbwy

More to Come

Our Contracts Blog is incoming this week with all the details on what to expect, and our next 2XP Weekend will kick off this Friday, June 21st! In the meantime, here’s what’s new since our last update:

  • Ground War

    • Increased radius of initial Collapse.

    • Reduced initial delay on first Collapse.

    • Increased distance between flight paths.

    • Loadout upon redeploy will now be an MX9, ammo, and bandages.

    • Addressed issues where players could fall through the ground upon infiltration.

  • Featured Playlists (June 18-25)

    • PS4/Xbox One

      • Ground War

      • Alcatraz

      • Solo

      • Duos

      • Quads

    • PC

      • Ground War

      • Alcatraz Duos

      • Solo

  • Featured Playlists (June 18-21)

    • PS4/Xbox One

      • Capture the Flag

      • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit

      • Prop Hunt

      • Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit

      • Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit

    • PC

      • Capture the Flag

      • Bolt-Action Barebones

      • Hardcore Free-for-All

  • Miscellaneous

    • Addressed an issue that could prevent players from regenerating health after Round 21 in the “Hellcatraz” Gauntlet.

  • Stability

    • General stability improvements.

  • Twitch Prime

    • June Twitch Prime loot drop now available on all platforms:

      • Sour Cherry weapon camo

      • Firebreakin’ gesture

      • Target Locked sticker

      • 100 Nebulium Plasma

      • 5 Reserve Cases

  • Alcatraz

    • Submarine and Shipwreck destinations added to the map.

    • The roof has been removed from the center of the main Cellhouse building with new strategic landing and grappling opportunities.

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