Black Ops Cold War: Game-Settings-Update mit weiteren Fehlerkorrekturen für Multiplayer, Liga & Zombiemodus

by Ed Snow

Black Ops Cold War: Game-Settings-Update mit weiteren Fehlerkorrekturen für Multiplayer, Liga & Zombiemodus

Mit dem heutigen Game-Settings-Update für „Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War“ hat Treyarch weitere Fehlerkorrekturen für den Mehrspieler-, den Liga- und den Zombiemodus. vorgenommen. Der Patch wird wie üblich beim Verbinden mit dem Onlinedienst automatisch heruntergeladen. Nachfolgend findet ihr die vollständigen Patch Notes.

PATCH NOTES – 10. Februar 2021



  • “Spycraft” Daily Challenge can now be completed properly by hacking 5 enemy Field Upgrades.




  • Addressed an issue where the party leader backing out of a queue could cause the party to disband.



  • Addressed an issue where League Play Create-a-Class could incorrectly revert to default Multiplayer classes instead of CDL classes after a match.



  • Addressed an issue where players could see Victory Flames even when the player was not on a win streak.
  • Addressed an issue with „Bronze“ and „Level 1“ showing up in different places even though a player had not completed Placement Matches yet.
  • Addressed controller-related issues with the Rank UI element being offset.




  • Fixed crashes related to the Mimic and Assault Rounds.



  • Closed an exploit where a player could teleport out of the Village using Aether Shroud Tier III.
  • Closed an exploit where a player could become invulnerable to damage after using a Molotov and a Chopper Gunner.
  • Addressed a rare issue that caused players to lose their weapon when re-rolling attachments at the Arsenal.



  • Tombstone Soda
    • Addressed an issue where shadow form visual effects could stay active when viewed as a spectating player.

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